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They fell in love, even though he was with Brittany and she was with Raul. When Brittany got wind of their relationship, she made sure Mac thought she and Billy were having sex. Mac was heartbroken and Billy remained with Brittany, despite his feelings for Mac. Trapped in an elevator, Mac and Billy admitted their feelings for each other and became a couple once again. They remained friends, and after Billy protected Mac from her stepfather Ralph, they reconciled. Mac left town to attend college, and Billy left to build houses for the poor in Louisiana.

The two married, only to find out that they were actually cousins. The marriage was annulled, and they both left town. The two had an affair, but pretended not to know each other in Genoa City. I listened intently as he wrapped it up and asked me to see that she never goes into his store again. I agreed and let him get off of the phone. I was beside myself. Tracy was always a problem. When this auction had recruited me they were interested in my book of business, my proven ability to grow sales and to lead their sales team.

So it was up to me to control her or find a way to cleanly get rid of her. Of course, the Superman in me wanted to save the day so I tried working with her. I was her manager, she would answer to me, but I would give her every opportunity to present her ideas. For a while, it worked well. She seemed to accept me and followed my direction. As a hands-on manager we would speak several times per day and before long she was calling me with the results of a sales call or for advice.

What Happened to Billy Abbott on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

We butted heads a little bit but I was helping her make money. I threw her a few accounts to maintain. They were free money for her. It made sense. Then I caught her in her first lie. After the sale one day she submitted her commission report. I saw that she was submitting to be paid on an account that I knew for a fact she had not earned. This customer had called me the previous Monday asking to do business with me. So I asked her for some backup; notes in the system, the nature of the conversation in which he committed business, his name, and title.

She could provide none of it. I drew a line through it on her sheet and warned her to never try that again. She stormed out. It was on. I wrote her up the next day. At this company, three offenses for the same thing and you are out. I would get her one more time for the same type of infraction. She was so greedy her judgment was compromised. Customers began to complain to me about her, her inability to take no for an answer, her constant visits and phone calls and her poor service.

I spent more time with her, to try to help her, to make her see what she was doing wrong. She pushed me away.

She was losing customers and the ones she did keep she squeezed for more. Enter Jay, remember Jay? Jay was the 3rd generation owner of a small Chevy dealer in Central Massachusetts. His family had never used auctions.


Intention Unlocks Reinvention

I visited Jay often, convinced him to try it, took great care of his needs and he became a regular. When I left that auction for another, his business followed me. He was a loyal customer, a solid account, and a friend. What would motivate her, knowing this story because I told her, to take it upon herself and undermine me? Her offer of lower fees was negligible, he was getting a great deal and had no problem with us making a small margin.

It was a very big deal. It was also the third strike. I wrote her up again. She made eye contact through the window then looked away. She was in there for a while. I knew something was up but I waited. She was nowhere to be seen. I was told that Tracy had called corporate HR and filed a harassment claim against me. Professional Harassment.

Mackenzie Browning - Wikipedia

By writing her up, completely by the book I might add, she claimed that I had created a hostile work environment for her. I asked my managers if they read my report. They had. I asked them if they remembered hiring me to do just that…control or get rid of her? I slumped in my chair, exasperated, and asked what is happening. They were not as committed to the task at hand as I was. I did my job, I cleaned up the department and made everything equitable and honest.

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And they were bowing down to her. She had demanded that she does not have to interact with me at all, that I was to have no input on her performance. I vehemently objected. Accept those terms or resign, turn in my company phone, laptop and car and I will get 6 months salary. You may have lost your balls but mine work just fine. Which one of you is driving me home? In many ways, I made a big mistake that day. I would struggle financially for a while and my wife was less than pleased. I took a stand.

For better or for worse I did what I felt was right. It took her ten more years, but Tracy was finally caught stealing and was fired. They actually asked me to come back. They even admitted that I was railroaded. I told them that I was not interested in working for people that failed to support me when I needed them the most. In fact, I go significantly far out of my way not to be.

Sarcasm is a wonderful thing but it can be lost on the weak-minded. More than one person has walked away from me shaking their head in confusion or disbelief.

Y&R Mac and Billy Argue at a Rave

Today I volunteered at the local food pantry. I committed to the director when I moved here that I would do it every week for at least the winter and as often as I could the rest of the year. I am one of the only volunteers that work every week, the other volunteers have schedules like the 2nd and 4th week etc.

Long story short, I meet new volunteers every week. Nice people, all townsfolk, all of them knew my father. Today I was with 4 complete strangers, and I was the only male. Without hesitation, I replied,. Until another woman, who apparently knew who I was said to her.

Well, that explains it.